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Click link below to visit my blog for adults and older children – it contains facts and poems about animals, animal artwork and photos, and lots about Lola, my Medical Detection Dog!

LizBrownleepoet -the blog!

Want To Write Children’s Poetry?

I tutor people. Contact – lizpoet (at) gmail.com

Recommendation by Matt Goodfellow, children’s poet:


Liz Brownlee is, first and foremost, an outstanding poet.


Her body of work is beautifully crafted and she writes with a clarity and precision rare among her contemporaries. She is also a skilled and sensitive tutor of those who wish to write poetry for children. Her critical eye and honest, yet supportive feedback allows students to quickly and effectively target areas of their writing which need improvement.


The feedback and guidance which Liz gave me allowed me to transform my writing.


Since acting on her advice, my poems have been published in books and magazines around the world.


Big Thanks Links:

Nick Hales for his brilliant poem animations:

Chris White, poet/illustrator for his fantastic ‘Liz’ cartoon:

Rose Sanderson, for her beautiful naked mole rat painting:

Poetry Resources Link:

Schofield and Sims, excellent poetry resources for home and school.

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